The BBA Program of school of business studies has a special focus on entrepreneurship. The idea is to give a broad knowledge of the functional areas of business administration, and their interconnections develop a holistic view of the same. Our BBA program develops students with a keen understanding of business administration, from a local, national and global context.

The BBA program best suited for the students wanting to join their family business or wanting to start an entrepreneurial venture of their own after graduation. Towards this end the program gives specific focus on projects for development of entrepreneurial abilities.


  • To prepare graduates who will be competent to start a new venture or manage the family business.
  • To prepare graduates who will be proficient in business communication and use of contemporary technologies.
  • To prepare graduates with managerial competencies that act as foundation for their successful professional and personal development.
  • To prepare graduates with comprehensive exposure of basic business situations and encourage them to pursue life-long learning to fulfil their goals.