Graduate Attributes

POs are statements that describe what students are expected to know and be able to do by the time of graduation. The program outcomes for Bachelor of Business Administration are as follows:

Student has:

PO 1: An ability to apply knowledge of practice in management of entrepreneurship.

PO 2: An ability to identify, critically analyze, formulate and solve entrepreneurial problems.

PO 3: An ability to select modern management tools and techniques and use them with appropriate skills.

PO 4: An ability to design a system and process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as health, safety, security and manufacturability.

PO 5: An ability to devise and conduct experiments, interpret data and provide well informed conclusions.

PO 6: An ability to understand the impact of entrepreneurial solutions in a contemporary, global, economical, environmental, and societal context for sustainable development.

PO 7: An ability to function professionally with ethical responsibility as an individual as well as in multidisciplinary teams with positive attitude.

PO 8: An ability to communicate effectively.

PO 9: An ability to appreciate the importance of goal setting and to recognize the need for lifelong learning.

PO 10: To produce well informed socially responsible global citizen with sharp critical thinking skills having sound awareness about finance management, laws and human rights, ethics and values. They will have entrepreneurial spirit.