The School of Management’s main academic centre is consisting of twenty two rooms accommodating ten scientifically designed acoustic classrooms equipped with all the modern teaching amenities, a seminar hall wherein regularly the experts from the industry visit and interact with the students and keep them updated, an alumni room, a students’ activity room, four mini seminar rooms, a spacious library, a separate research wing, two modern computer labs out of which one is exclusively dedicated for the improvement of the English language of the students, and offices for academicians as well as administration.

School provides a refreshing environment for learning as well as leisure which encourages the students to exploit their potential. The School also has a very lush green courtyard wherein at times students even enjoy their lectures in the lap of Mother Nature.


An audio-visually equipped classrooms for better learning environment. Each classroom is equipped with all the modern technologies which ensures the best learning environment as well as enhances the overall students’ learning experience.


English language proficiency has become a critical issue for success in academic and professional life. All professional higher education programs including Management are taught in English across India. Moreover, most resources that students need to use for succeeding in academics are available in English. Whether it is online resources or websites, reference books or textbooks, journals or publications, all good resources are in English. Most recruiters, if not all, place very high importance on the communication skills of students. It would not be an exaggeration to say that communication skills are equal in importance, perhaps even more important, than technical skills for success in placements

To inculcate and develop best communication skills in highly competitive market, language lab facility is available at School of Management for MBA and BBA students.

English being the “Globally Local Language”, students have wide platform to raise linguistic & communication skills up to international standards.


Blending knowledge with technology is our mantra. Our students are provided with the best of IT facilities for pooling in their theoretical and practical knowledge into a distinct advantage. The computer lab is a gateway to a world of applications and information sources that impart the leading edge to management practice and thoughts.

The School of management has separate computer lab for MBA and BBA Program, which includes 60 computers for the use of MBA and BBA students besides individual computers for the faculty members and the administrative staff. All the computers are of latest configuration with internet facility. We also have two dedicated lab assistant to support students. They are always keen to provide various study related software and materials to the students.