Faculty Achievements

Dr. Aarti Joshi, at RK University

Dr. Aarti Joshi

Dr. Aarti Joshi is currently Dean - Faculty of....

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Dr. Chintan Rajani, at RK University

Dr. Chintan Rajani

Passionate educator, trainer, researcher and....

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 Dr. Alpesh Nasit, at RK University

Dr. Alpesh Nasit

Awardee of Government of Gujarat (GOG) Start-up....

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Dr. Hemali Tanna, at RK University

Dr. Hemali Tanna

Management Faculty with focus on students....

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 Mr. Nirav Mandavia, at RK University

Mr. Nirav Mandavia

Human repository of corporate, teaching &....

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Dhara Bhalodia, at RK University

Dhara Bhalodia

Principled Personality with Dynamic Teaching....

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 Mr. Parth Raval, at RK University

Mr. Parth Raval

Experienced faculty in the field of Finance with....

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Tamanna Solanki, at RK University

Tamanna Solanki

Substantial Knowledge in Economics with Research....

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Vishwa Malvania, at RK University

Vishwa Malvania

Educator and a Trainer with substantial knowledge....

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Hemen Kalaria, at RK University

Hemen Kalaria

Experienced Faculty of Marketing and Consumer....

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Monika Sardhara, at RK University

Monika Sardhara

Faculty of finances and accounting and also....

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Tulsi Raval, at RK University

Tulsi Raval

Certified Trainer by National Skill Development....

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Mona Girnara, at RK University

Mona Girnara

Excellent academic background, dedicated,....

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Kavita Balani, at RK University

Kavita Balani

Confident,Punctual & Dedicated towards work....

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Samir Dholakiya, at RK University

Samir Dholakiya

Faculty of Marketing and Accounting with the....

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Rashmi Gotecha, at RK University

Rashmi Gotecha

Proud member of RKU fraternity. A sincere and....

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Harishwar Suru, at RK University

Harishwar Suru

Co-founder of 2 startups, International Trainer....

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Krishna Vyas, at RK University

Krishna Vyas

Enthusiastic and dynamic academician and....

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Riddhi Khara, at RK University

Riddhi Khara

Management Faculty focus on financial area and....

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Dr. Reena Patel, at RK University

Dr. Reena Patel

Passionate Academician, Management Professor,....

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Mr. Manthan Joshi, at RK University

Mr. Manthan Joshi

Experienced faculty in Digital Marketing and....

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Mr. Parth Sheth, at RK University

Mr. Parth Sheth

Strategic advisor to the Entrpreneurship Cell and....

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Mohini Rughani, at RK University

Mohini Rughani

A trainer, motivational speaker, educationist,....

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Mr. Vivek Patadiya, at RK University

Mr. Vivek Patadiya

Experienced faculty in the field of Statistics....

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Mr. Jitendra Manglani, at RK University

Mr. Jitendra Manglani

Certified trainer for Equity Market and....

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Dr. Amit Rajdev, at RK University

Dr. Amit Rajdev

Faculty and researcher in the area of financial....

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